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Maintenance activity on the Chain of Lakes Trail

Maintenance activity on the Chain of Lakes Trail between Horseshoe Lake Drive and Chain Lake Drive is scheduled to begin on Monday, December 7th. This section will remain closed from morning until late afternoon (weather premitting).

All other sections of the Chain of Lakes Trail remain open.

Download the latest PSA by clicking here, or see the updates page for more details.


The Dilemma

Halifax Water is tasked with providing regional wastewater services to meet the long-term requirements of the Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea (BLT) Community, a 730 hectare area that will ultimately accommodate a population of approximately 30,000 persons. Currently, the serviced population within BLT (approximately 10,000 people) is served by the BLT Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) located on the Nine Mile River, a small stream that discharges into Shad Bay. In addition, the new Brunello Estates development, designed to accommodate an ultimate serviced population of approximately 11,000 people, is to be brought on stream over the coming decades. The existing BLT WWTF has been in service for over 25 years and is now approaching its current design capacity of 4,545 cubic meters per day.

The Solution

Halifax Water is developing a new approach to transmit municipal wastewater generated within the Community of BLT and the Bayers Lake and Ragged Lake Business Parks to the Halifax Wastewater Treatment Facility. In the long-term, it has been determined that the BLT WWTF will be decommissioned and the sanitary sewage from the entire service area will be transmitted to the Halifax WWTF. In the short-term, Halifax Water wishes to redirect the sewage from the area currently tributary to the Lakeside Pumping Station through a new forcemain system to a new discharge structure near Bayers Lake, which will then deliver the sewage via a new gravity system along the Chain of Lakes Trail to the existing sewer system on Joseph Howe Drive.

It is intended to develop the infrastructure required to implement the first phase of this wastewater transmission strategy, and as such, this project will involve:

      • upgrading the existing Lakeside Pumping Station and redirecting the current flow direction;
      • installing approximately 3.0 km of new forcemain system from the Lakeside Pumping Station to Bayers Lake* to accomodate the new flow and carry it to the new gravity system;
      • installing approximately 5.4 km of new gravity sewer system from Bayers Lake* to Joseph Howe Drive;
      • decommissioning the existing Bayers Lake Pumping Station and redirecting the current flow to the new gravity system.

*Why Bayer's Lake? Because this is the highest point along the entire route.


Infrastructure will be constructed within three main land ownerships: existing public road rights-of-way, existing easements, and the former CN railway right-of-way (now the BLT and Chain of Lakes Trails).

The majority of the pipe installation will occur within the HRM-owned trail network. 70% of forcemain installation and virtually 100% of gravity sewer installation will take place in the trail. Work within the trail commences at the end of Raines Mill Road in Lakeside and continues towards Halifax until reaching the Joseph Howe Drive Superstore. Two forcemains, each approximately 350mm to 400mm in diameter, will be installed under the trail with about 1.5 metres of cover. Near Bayers Lake, the forcemain system switches to a single 900mm diameter gravity pipe, which will be installed along the centreline of the trail with about 1.2 metres of cover.

Upon completion, the trail will be reinstated to pre-construction condition or better.

The portion of the forcemain system not installed within the trail (roughly 30%) involves installing two 350mm diameter forcemains and will begin at the Lakeside Pumping Station and traverse a few private properties until it reaches Raines Mill Road. The forcemains will then continue north on Raines Mill Road until connecting with the BLT Trail.

Check the Downloads page to see a map of the entire sewer route, and check the Updates page to see if construction is happening in your area.


Last updated:
December 04, 2015
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